Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Relax into the Holidays with Essences

Sail through this holiday season with poise and grace with our “Holiday Stress-Buster” set.

Spray yourself or your environment and float into a state of instant relaxation with All is Well for general soul-support and to invoke a sense of calm. Solstice Lightning Storm clears away any held or heavy energies and brings a lift to any mood. This is a great one to use after being in crowded places, such as airports or shopping areas. Bearded Iris helps spotlight what is essential so you can leave the rest behind. Perfect for when you need to get things done without getting mired in distractions as it helps you remain aligned and focused.

The combination of essences and essential oils create a wonderful synergy. They can have positive effects on mind, body and emotions and provide gentle support during stressful times.

Holiday Stress-Buster Set includes:
2 oz All is Well Spray
1 oz Solstice Lightning Storm Spray
1 oz Bearded Iris Dropper
Red or Gold Gift Bag

Pick one up today at Purple Iris Healing Center, 1404 Church Street at 26th Street (Noe Valley) Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

For more information on this or other powerful sets or a personalized consult, contact Claudia at 415.710.9914.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There and Back Again

Just in time for the holidays, our Featured Essence is a boxed set of 6 limited edition essences made from pristine waters hand collected by Claudia on her trip to New Zealand earlier this year.  We call the set There and Back Again, as a tribute to the land of Middle Earth, to travel and adventure. This set contains 5 dropper and 1 spray formula in 1 ounce bottles.

Each of these unique formulas is made from source waters gathered from special sacred sites in New Zealand including springs, lakes and caves. The waters of New Zealand are so clean and crystal clear, it is safe to drink directly from the source.

Enjoy a little taste of adventure with Claudia’s travel notes about each essence:

Blue Lake ~ “Merriment”
Sacred to the Maori located in Rotorua, the center of the North Island's largest geothermal activity. Blue Lake has a sister lake called Green Lake. I couldn’t stop smiling when I was here. Watching the sheer bliss that exuded from families playing and swimming and dogs frolicking. Take this essence to return to a place of child-like wonder and amazement. Bring merriment and joy into your life. 

Emerald Lake ~ “Eagle’s Blessing”
Three sacred lakes in the volcanic area of Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island. After a long hike along this volcanic floor we arrived at a breath-taking view of the three Emerald Lakes. I collected water from the one that drew me to it and felt truly blessed; as though my soul had been graced by an immense feminine power of deep knowing and truth.

Fox Glacier ~ “Timelessness”
Glacial ice was collected from this river on the South Island. Connect to All That Is and move outside space and time. Attune to the wisdom of the Old Ones.

Milking the Cave ~ “Forgiveness“
Drops were “milked” from several stalactites in caverns located in Punakaiki, South Island. Allows you to go within to the womb of the Mother and feel a sense of total self-acceptance and love. Sitting silently in the dark, I felt a deep sense of peace and overwhelming love in the void.

"Pupu" Springs ~ “Cleansing”
Te Waikoropupu Springs is sacred to the Maori. The legends of this spring are told in the stories of Huriawa, its guardian spirit. The Springs provide water for healing, and in the past were a place of ceremonial blessings at times of birth and death and the leaving and returning of travellers. Unclogs your spiritual pipes, and the Goddess of the Springs works fast!

New Zealand Sacred Waters ~ “The Great River”
A Spray formula made with a combination of all 5 New Zealand essences and a refreshing blend of essential oils. Anduin is the river in Middle Earth that all other rivers flow into, it is also known as The Great River. Feel the power of the River of Life within you. Feel connected to Source.

Special Offer: The first 3 orders who arrange for pick up in San Francisco at Purple Iris Healing Center in Noe Valley, will receive $5 off the retail price of $79 and save shipping and handling. Single bottles of any of the 6 limited edition New Zealand essence formulas are also available to purchase individually at our regular price of $13 each.

If you are interested in a little more on Claudia’s New Zealand adventure, travel back to our blog entry from earlier this year.

“Farewell! wherever you fare, till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end!”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, November 14, 2011

Artisans Faire at The Sacred Well

We are very pleased to announce we will be participating for a second year in The Sacred Well Holiday Artisans Faire. We will be joining a select group of vendors at the faire this coming Saturday November 19th from 12:00 noon until 6:00pm.

Come by and meet the talented artisans who will be bringing their locally produced, handmade goods. We will have a wonderful selection of essences and samples for you to try, plus the premier of our brand new box set “There and Back Again”.  This limited edition collection of essences are made from hand collected waters gathered by Claudia during her travels in New Zealand.  The set contains 6 unique essences; powerful individually, and together as an energetic journey to sacred places of the land of Middle Earth.  

This is a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping for unique items while supporting local artists and an independently owned business. If you haven't been to The Sacred Well yet, you are in for a treat, it really is a magical place to visit!  This is a free event. 

We hope to see you Saturday! 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

With StarWater Blessings, 
Claudia & Alison

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greetings Cosmic Explorers

As the Wheel of the year turns towards the dark half of the year and Samhain (“Summer’s End”) approaches at the end of October, we stand before one of the most powerful gateways in the Celtic year and in many traditions and cultures an important and powerful season. We wish all who celebrate the old traditions, a blessed new year.

Our current Featured Essence is Vision Quest, one of our essence sets we call *Powerful Pairings; two individual formulas created to work especially well as a duo of energies to compliment and synergize the benefits of one another. Powerful Pairings are two bottles sold together.

Vision Quest  (Keywords = Cosmic Exploration)

Vision Quest is a Powerful Pairing of; Cosmic Antlers, and Stone Shields Spray, to be used together when embarking on spiritual undertakings. Crafted specially as Sister Essences for connection and protection, when used with one another each of the formulas in this set synergizes and amplifies the power of her Sister Essence.

Use Vision Quest for solitary work or with a circle of like-minded spirits and allies, to support and enhance journey work, initiation ceremonies, and when seeking guidance from other realms. Begin with Stone Shields Spray to create an energetic cauldron of safety, then within the protection of this container, take a few drops of Cosmic Antlers under the tongue or anoint the third eye to enhance visioning and launch inner questing. 

We dedicate this offering to pragmatic mystics, spiritual warriors, wise fools, heroines, heros, explorers, seekers, dreamers, and brave souls everywhere who are setting out on a journey.

"Sanctified by their initiatory experiences and furnished with their spirit guardians, the shaman alone among human beings is able to consciously travel into the spiritual worlds as cosmic explorers."  ~ Hank Wesselman

Cosmic Antlers  (Keywords = Cosmic Awareness)

"Symbiosis" by Nadia Turner 
Opens and expands awareness, connects your knowing with Cosmic Consciousness.  Sprouts your virtual antennae, heightening senses to aid reception of guidance and wisdom available from the Cosmos. Opens the third eye for powerful awakened inner sight. Excellent for astral travel, dream quests, oracular or divinitory practices, or when soul progression is desired. Use this formula within the safety of the sacred container created with Stone Shields Spray.

(Available only in Dropper form and sold exclusively with Stone Shields Spray as part of the Vision Quest Powerful Pairing set.)

"I have most of the essences and use them for journeying and ceremony... Cosmic Antlers can be utterly amazing for journeying. I am so delighted that you are there, and that you do what you do. I think your essences are among the best (if not THE best) I have ever found."
C.C., Retired Educator/Shamanic Explorer

Stone Shields Spray  (Keyword = Protection)

"Standing Stones of Callanish 2" by Nick Holland
Creates a magical disk of safety. Raises a virtual circle of standing stones that surround you as guardians and deep witnesses to your work. Spray any room, open space, or mist around your body. May be used with its Sister formula or alone whenever a strong energetic container is needed, whether for ritual, energy work or when maneuvering in the mundane realm when our energetic or physical body’s immune defenses need strength and protection. A wonderful adjunct for anyone in the healing arts profession. Makes a great companion for travel or when in crowded places.

Available exclusively as a spray formula, contains a powerhouse of oils and gemstone elixirs each carefully chosen for their quality of warmth, great for the coming winter months.

"I use Stone Shields Spray in my shamanic practice before a session. It feels like a strong energetic container, safe and solid. It's as though some great Protector Spirits are watching over me and the client. I like it so much I keep 2 bottles in my office; one is scent free for people who are sensitive."
S.S., Shamanic Practitioner

Vision Quest is available in the following sizes:
1 oz each dropper/spray $24. A savings of $2 from individual purchase prices.
2 oz each dropper/spray $30. A savings of $4 from individual purchase prices.

*For additional Powerful Pairings visit our Products page or feel free to ask us for a pairing suggestion with any of our formulas.  We also create custom sets of two or more essences that work together to lend maximum mojo to support your specific intention. Simply email us at: starsinjars2008 (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about essence pairs or sets.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Be Here Now

Our current Featured Essence is a new offering from Stars in Jars called Within the Labyrinth, an environmental essence created on sacred land in the mountains of Ben Lomond CA.

On a quiet autumn morning, as a heavy rain fell and thick mists arose among the redwood trees, rainwater was collected, then carefully carried in a silent ritual through a labyrinth to infuse the water with the peaceful vibrations of that unique moment. A profound stillness was experienced during the infusion ritual. Use of this essence will instantly transport you to a place of deep peace.

Invoke the experience of a moving meditation; step across the threshold of a labyrinth leaving ordinary consciousness, transcending space and time. Enter an etheric temple that opens your awareness to wisdom and surrounds you with grace. Allow your mind and body to flow through the ancient shapes of transformation. Turns and pathways take you deeper into sacred silence and inner stillness. Gently follow the spiral toward the center, the heart of your self, the place where true power lies, the place inside that is waiting for your listening and attention. When you are ready, return from this place feeling grounded, clear and connected.

Available in a dropper or spray, Within the Labyrinth is a great formula for enhancing meditations or when you wish to shift your energy to a quiet state of reflection. Anoint the soles of your feet to help find your footing and bring confidence to your steps. Anoint your heart chakra for spiritual alignment and to connect to your inner guidance. The spray may be used to transform any room into a sacred temple where one may meditate, or do ritual. An excellent pairing with our Stone Shields Spray, providing added protection and holding of sacred space.

We've posted a few resources for more on Labyrinths on our new Resources page.

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."
~ Ram Dass

“If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.”
~ Buddhist Proverb

“Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't then it is of no use."
~ Carlos Castaneda

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We hope you are all enjoying this glorious summer we are having. The flowers and gardens surrounding us are breathtaking and we have been busy bees making essences that will soon be available. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy 25% off You Glow Girl! Cocoa Bliss Salt Scrub, a handcrafted Goddess Spa creation. 4 oz for $9; 8 oz for $18 plus tax. As always you can order online or visit Purple Iris Healing Center at 1404 Church Street at 26th and pick up a batch today! You can read more about it here.

"Cocoa Bliss Salt Scrub is off the chain! It leaves my

skin silky smooth and smells so good I want to eat it.

The combination of chocolate and roses, milk and honey

is fantastic. I feel like a mermaid emerging from the sea.

My boyfriend loves my skin after I use it" T.C., SF

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid-Summer greetings to the Goddesses in everyone

Our mid-summer Featured Essence is Triple Goddess. Made from a combination of full moon essences, this potent formula may be used at any time during lunar phases to call forth the blessings and power of the Goddess as she moves through her cycle; new, waxing, full, waning, and dark.

The Triple Goddess is the three-fold aspect of the Goddess as Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Triple Goddess essence is perfect for use in moon rituals, bathing rituals, and to invoke the Goddess for strength in Sisterhood. For honoring the solidarity of the Sacred Feminine within self, family or community. A great ally for help in “letting go” and clearing anything that no longer serves.

The inspiration for crafting this essence literally sprang forth from the dream-time. It is an alchemical brew of multiple full moon infusions made by us under various full moons. Each unique full moon planetary essence was made in different locations spanning from the southwestern desert to the Polynesian islands over a period of several years time. The resulting brew was then energized in sacred space under a powerful Full Moon in Gemini. Gifts of flowers, gems, and hand blended essential oils from our circle of sisters were key ingredients blessing this formula.

Triple Goddess is available in both dropper and spray formulas. The spray is imbued with a special blend of essential oils created as an offering to Venus: jasmine absolute, frankincense, ylang ylang, and orange.

The Nine Sisters (Nine fold aspect of the Goddess as Maidens, Mothers, Crones):
“I am The cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. I am One. I am many. I am within you."

“I am the Maiden, called by some Brigit, Diana, Kore
I am the waxing moon, the bright flower of beginnings and adventures into the self and the world.
I am One Unto Myself … I am within you.“

“I am the Mother, called by some Danu, Demeter, Frigga
I am the full moon, the fecundity of ideas and motion, life giving birth to itself.
I am Myself in Connection … I am within you.“

“I am the Crone, called by some The Cailiach, Hekate, Hella
I am the waning moon, the secrets of silence and darkness, of the journey not yet taken.
I am All Within Myself … I am within you. “

~ Meeting the Nine Sisters Ritual written by Catherine Pennington, presented at PantheaCon 2003, 2004

Monday, June 6, 2011

Get that New Zealand feelin'

Claudia was recently traveling in New Zealand where she collected sacred waters from Middle Earth. Since her return, we have been attuning to the energies of these special waters and sharing them with friends for use in ceremony and ritual. Because New Zealand has one of the cleanest water sources on the planet, these waters have powerful healing qualities. Here are some pictures from her travels of the places she collected these waters.

Emerald Lake
Three sacred lakes in the volcanic area of Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island.

Blue Lake

Sacred lake to the Maori located in Rotorua, the center of the North Island's largest geothermal activity.

Waikoropupu Springs

"Pupu" Springs is a sacred spring to the Maori. It is the largest spring system in New Zealand and among the 100 largest in the world. Horizontal visibility is 63 meters. Legend tells of Huriawa who guards the spring, when she is not clearing blocked waterways beneath the earth.

Fox River Cavern
Claudia calls this one "milking the cave", as the water was collected from several stalactites in Punakaiki, South Island.

Fox Glacier

Glacial ice was collected from this river on South Island.

Stay tuned for new limited edition essences made with these waters. In the meantime, please feel free to email us if you want to purchase a preview bottle of any of the waters pictured here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blessings begin with “May”

“May we know ourselves in our perfect state, our eyes open to the perfection of those around us. May we live in reciprocity with Nature and embrace the joy of the present moment. May we sing and dance with the heart of listening.”
~ Stargazer Lily Blessing

Our Featured Essence for the Merry Month of May is the radiant Stargazer Lily. Her vibration helps us to embrace joy with wild abandon and celebrate our divinity as star beings. When we stand fully present in the moment, our inner starlight shines like a sparkling jewel. This essence is a dose of spiritual nutrition and sweetness.

Stargazer Lily was made throughout Beltane Eve until sunrise on the first of May in 2010. The plant from which the essence was made lives in a private garden high upon a hill overlooking San Francisco and was a gift from Claudia’s mother, an avid gardener, years ago. Stargazer lily bloomed on the first of May heralding well-wishes for Mother’s Day. With permission given from the spirit of the plant, two radiant magenta blooms were placed in a bowl of spring water where the essence was infused by the elements in its garden home. Earth blessings in the form of a despacho and song were offered to the Faery beings and elemental kingdoms expressing great gratitude for Springtime’s sweet abundance.

The Stargazer flower lives in a divine state and reflects back our own divinity and light echoing the Divine Mother’s love of all her children. Stargazer’s wisdom teaches us to listen with an open heart so that we may perceive the subtle beauty and perfection around us.

Use when you want to boost your inner light and ignite your soul fire. A strong ally in creative expressions; singing, dancing, and music-making. Stargazer will guide your ability to listen to others with an open heart, tune in and hear the messages that are often beyond words.

Stargazer Lily is available in both dropper and spray, and would make a great gift for moms or special women in your life. The external spray contains a light and airy aroma that evokes feelings of openess and freedom with a blend of organic essential oils including Artemisia, Clary Sage, Niaouli, Black Spruce, and Benzoin Absolute.

Month of May special: enjoy Stargazer Lilly 1 oz dropper for $10 and 2 oz spray for $15. If you live in San Francisco, pick up a bottle at Purple Iris Healing Center 1404 Church Street at 26th Street.

“Look past the surface and listen as you would a beguiling melody on the very edge of hearing.”
~ The Faery Piper

“The more we are true to our own nature, the more access we have to our own magic and the song of the cosmos.”
~ The Faery Faun

Monday, April 18, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As the sun bestows its rays on us, we can feel the energy of transformation blooming. The blessings of the rains have helped us wash away the old, the stale, the outworn and many of us are re-cycling or re-purposing our material goods. Spring provides a great opportunity to address that which no longer serves our higher purpose in the emotional, mental or psychic realms. Essences are a wonderful ally and adjunct for support in the process of clearing away the old and bringing in the new.

Stars in Jars are committed to support you in achieving your desired changes, and are happy to announce that now, in addition to our products, we have a selection of services available we call our Magical Offerings. Our services include consultations to aid in essence selection, custom made formulas, and hands on body and energy work. Our offerings are a great way to experience our unique gifts as practitioners of complementary healing arts. Together we have over 30 years experience in body/mind/spirit therapies and we integrate our skills to bring forth a personalized experience to support your path to well being.

What do you wish to release? What would you like to embrace? Finding your dream job, attracting love, manifesting a new home? Springtime is the perfect time to emerge and blossom into your fullest potential. We invite you to peruse our offerings to find the one that is right for you and book your consultation by simply emailing us at StarsinJars2008 (at) gmail dot com.

Stars in Jars Magical Offerings

Magic in a Bottle
We assist you in choosing a formula for a specific issue via email request. This is for those who need brief guidance.
Consultation Fee: No Charge for up to 10 minutes.
Essence Price: $13 per 1oz bottle, $17 per 2 oz bottle. Plus tax, shipping and handling.

More Mojo
We create a custom essence formula based upon a mini consultation either by phone or email. As with all of our essences, we make your custom formula with a unique combination of some or all of the following; flower essences, gem elixirs, environmental and cosmic essences, with channeled blessings from Spirit to support your intention.
Consultation Fee: $50 per 30 minutes.
Essence Price: $20 per bottle. Plus tax, shipping and handling.

Flower Essence Consultion with Claudia
A one on one individual consultation with Claudia, Flower Essence Therapist, either in person at her San Francisco office or via phone.
Consultation Fee: $90 per hour. Individual essence(s) not included in the price.

Healing Hands Shazam
This is a 60 minute in person session in our San Francisco healing space. After a brief consultation, we both work on you simultaneously, combining some or all of the following: bodywork, Reiki, hypnotherapy, essence therapy, and shamanic work.
Fee: $225.

As Above So Below
This is a one of a kind spell crafted for you. We use shamanic practices, spell work and divination to customize a package made with materials specifically chosen to support your intention. May include some of the following: an essence formula, essential oils, herbal magic, gem stones, candle magic, sacred objects, charms, amulets, affirmations, a custom ritual, or magical directive. Because of the deeper nature of this work, As Above So Below begins when you book an email consultation. After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a quote for your package.
Initial Consultation Fee: $40. Due upon request and non-refundable.
Package Fee: depending upon your request $200 - $500

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Toast to Love!

Our special offer this month is the Powerful Pairing of essences we call Divine Union: one bottle each of Empress Moon and Solis Manifestation.

Like two lovers, these yin and yang essences join together in an alchemical sacred union. Solis Manifestation was made under the radiance of a Leo sun intentionally to be the masculine solar/fire balance to the feminine lunar/water qualities of Empress Moon made during a full moon in July under the sign of Cancer.

Together, this pair of essences harmonizes the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within self or in a relationship. Can be used to anoint yourself or a loved one with beauty, adoration and grace and ground your union into manifest form. Let your creativity flow!

To read more about the individual essences please see each one highlighted in our past Featured Essences.

Divine Union is available as a pair of two 1 oz. dropper/internal bottles $24, or two 2 oz. sprays bottles $30 (a savings from buying the essences individually). Can be purchased at Purple Iris Healing Center in Noe Valley San Francisco, 1404 Church Street at 26th Street, Monday through Friday during business hours. If you'd like to order by mail, simply send an email to starsinjars2008 (at) gmail dot com and let us know your zip code so we can calculate the shipping charge.

“I gave the gift of the Divine Union essence set to my friend and she LOVED them. She sprayed them and was impressed at the quality and said she could tell they were made by someone who had energy in her hands :) And commented that the scent stays in the air a long time, it doesn’t just dissapate.” ~ C.H., Psychotherapist

"Empress Moon is a favorite. If I am feeling a little low during my monthly cycle, I spray Empress Moon all over and it feels like I have just received a cool, gentle embrace lifting me up and comforting me." ~ R.A., Attorney

"I LOVE Solis Manifestation. I use it when I wake up in the morning. It has a beautiful scent and I like how it sets the tone for how I want to move forward into my day...with a sense of creativity and openess to abundance. Speaking of abundance, I sprayed Solis around my artwork and display at an art faire I exhibited in and sold 6 paintings that weekend. How's that for manifesting!" ~ R.S., Artist

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With Love from the Sea

Treat yourself and a loved one this Valentine's Day with the newest addition to the Stars in Jars family, a gift that would please Venus Herself: a handcrafted Goddess Spa creation You Glow Girl! Cocoa Bliss. This salt scrub made from the finest treasures collected from land and sea is sure to delight your senses and leave your skin soft and glowing.

You Glow Girl! loves your skin:
The ingredients in our salt glows are the finest quality, organic, and food grade, they smell good enough to eat and they are ! A carefully selected blend of salts include hand harvested unrefined sea salts from some of earths most precious reserves; including the coasts of Portugal, Bali and Hawaii, and mineral salts from ancient oceans preserved deep within the earth found in Utah. These salts are wonderfully rich in minerals which benefit your health. Raw honey and milk are beauty secrets from the time of Cleopatra, and are known for their healing and rejuvenating effects on your skin. Rose petals soften and tone skin, their fragrance soothes and relaxes mind and body. Apricot kernel oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin and leaves you soft and glowing. Cacao seeds were considered “food of the the gods” by the Aztecs, the oil from the seed is rich in antioxidants and flavanoids that boost the immune system, the scent is sensual, heady and delicious !

Turn your shower into a spa; place a small amount into the palm of your hand, gently massage on wet skin. Let the mixture rest on your skin for a few minutes. Gently rinse off. Pat dry with a clean soft towel. Add a palmful to your bath and immerse yourself in luxury.

You Glow Girl! loves our planet:
We have chosen to package our products in cellophane which is made from plant fiber and biodegradable. Plastics are not healthy for the ocean or living things who share our planet, so we hope you will join our efforts to remove plastic from our lives.

You Glow Girl! Cocoa Bliss comes in 2 sizes, 4 oz. for $12, and 8 oz. for $24. Available for purchase at Purple Iris Healing Center in Noe Valley San Francisco, 1404 Church Street at 26th Street Monday through Friday during business hours. If you'd like to order by mail, simply send an email to starsinjars2008 (at) gmail dot com and let us know your zip code so we can calculate the shipping charge.

"Cocoa Bliss Salt Scrub is off the chain! It leaves my skin silky smooth and smells so good I want to eat it. The combination of chocolate and roses, milk and honey is fantastic. I feel like a mermaid emerging from the sea. My boyfriend loves my skin after I use it”
~ T.C. San Francisco

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flowing into an Abundant New Year

We at Stars in Jars Essences have set sail into the new year with deep gratitude for all the gifts of abundance we give and receive. As we begin to emerge from the heart of winter and journey into the year ahead, may we continue to offer one another support and blessings to renew our spirits, our bodies and the land. With this intention, we have chosen Abundant Spring as our Featured Essence to begin this new year. It is our wish that the abundance of nature flow to all beings everywhere and that we each flow into our fullest potential.

Abundant Spring was made from pure spring water hand collected from Spencer Hot Springs in Nevada.

This essence celebrates and affirms the limitless bounty that pours forth from the source of all life, nature Herself. Supports mind and body in deep restoration and regeneration on a cellular level. A gentle showering of Divine Love that eases expansion of one's heart space. Shifts deeply held patterns of contraction and fear around scarcity, into a sense of trust and openness to receiving.

Available as a spray containing a delightful blend of essential oils; Chamomile, Ginger, Basil, Mandarin, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Peppermint.

"Grace is always falling like rain. We just have to become open to receive it." ~ Amma

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jump into the New Year with Stars in Jars Essences!

Now you can conveniently purchase Stars in Jars products at Purple Iris Healing Center located in Noe Valley in San Francisco at 1404 Church Street @ 26th. Stop by Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. While you are there you can also schedule a massage, flower essence consultation or acupuncture appointment with one of the wonderfully skilled practitioners.