Friday, October 29, 2010

With StarWater Blessings from Stars in Jars

As we turn the wheel of the year, we feel the sunlight receding. The rhythm of the season calls us to slow down our pace, and draws us inward for reflection and renewal. Autumn is traditionally a time to remember and honor our ancestors of blood and spirit. Now as the veils between the worlds become thin, we have especially powerful access to the strength and wisdom available within the elements of nature and ourselves, we can call upon them to help move us forward into and through the winter.

Glacier Water is our current Featured Essence. A wonderful remedy to increase the flow in places where energy has become stagnant. Use to cleanse, renew, revitalize and tap into Source energy.

Waters hand collected from Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina and Kokanee Glacier in Canada are combined in this limited edition environmental formula. The joining of Southern and Northern waters evokes a deep sense of connection to Source that spans space and time. Glacial ice crystals carry ancient memories. As the ice melts, ions are released into the air, and their messages and wisdom become available to us. When we slow down and listen, we will hear them.

Glacier Water is available only as a spray, enhanced with a fabulous blend of essential oils of: Seaweed, Juniper, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Spike Lavender, Rosewood, Rosemary, Pine, Cypress Tips, Blue Tansy, and Atlas Cedarwood. Mist yourself or a room and call forth the refreshing sparkle of crystal clear water to bring a sense of well being and calm reassurance.

“I did not seek wildness. It chose me, bringing panther cubs and river meanders, mystery and galaxies into my life. I did not look for cellular memory. It found me, threading ancestral wisdom with the knowledge of stones and trees. I did not want this solitary path. It chased me from childhood, flowed into every awareness, taught me to keep going no matter how great the grief.”
~ Meg Beeler, Earth Caretakers