Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Relax into the Holidays with Essences

Sail through this holiday season with poise and grace with our “Holiday Stress-Buster” set.

Spray yourself or your environment and float into a state of instant relaxation with All is Well for general soul-support and to invoke a sense of calm. Solstice Lightning Storm clears away any held or heavy energies and brings a lift to any mood. This is a great one to use after being in crowded places, such as airports or shopping areas. Bearded Iris helps spotlight what is essential so you can leave the rest behind. Perfect for when you need to get things done without getting mired in distractions as it helps you remain aligned and focused.

The combination of essences and essential oils create a wonderful synergy. They can have positive effects on mind, body and emotions and provide gentle support during stressful times.

Holiday Stress-Buster Set includes:
2 oz All is Well Spray
1 oz Solstice Lightning Storm Spray
1 oz Bearded Iris Dropper
Red or Gold Gift Bag

Pick one up today at Purple Iris Healing Center, 1404 Church Street at 26th Street (Noe Valley) Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

For more information on this or other powerful sets or a personalized consult, contact Claudia at 415.710.9914.