Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There and Back Again

Just in time for the holidays, our Featured Essence is a boxed set of 6 limited edition essences made from pristine waters hand collected by Claudia on her trip to New Zealand earlier this year.  We call the set There and Back Again, as a tribute to the land of Middle Earth, to travel and adventure. This set contains 5 dropper and 1 spray formula in 1 ounce bottles.

Each of these unique formulas is made from source waters gathered from special sacred sites in New Zealand including springs, lakes and caves. The waters of New Zealand are so clean and crystal clear, it is safe to drink directly from the source.

Enjoy a little taste of adventure with Claudia’s travel notes about each essence:

Blue Lake ~ “Merriment”
Sacred to the Maori located in Rotorua, the center of the North Island's largest geothermal activity. Blue Lake has a sister lake called Green Lake. I couldn’t stop smiling when I was here. Watching the sheer bliss that exuded from families playing and swimming and dogs frolicking. Take this essence to return to a place of child-like wonder and amazement. Bring merriment and joy into your life. 

Emerald Lake ~ “Eagle’s Blessing”
Three sacred lakes in the volcanic area of Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island. After a long hike along this volcanic floor we arrived at a breath-taking view of the three Emerald Lakes. I collected water from the one that drew me to it and felt truly blessed; as though my soul had been graced by an immense feminine power of deep knowing and truth.

Fox Glacier ~ “Timelessness”
Glacial ice was collected from this river on the South Island. Connect to All That Is and move outside space and time. Attune to the wisdom of the Old Ones.

Milking the Cave ~ “Forgiveness“
Drops were “milked” from several stalactites in caverns located in Punakaiki, South Island. Allows you to go within to the womb of the Mother and feel a sense of total self-acceptance and love. Sitting silently in the dark, I felt a deep sense of peace and overwhelming love in the void.

"Pupu" Springs ~ “Cleansing”
Te Waikoropupu Springs is sacred to the Maori. The legends of this spring are told in the stories of Huriawa, its guardian spirit. The Springs provide water for healing, and in the past were a place of ceremonial blessings at times of birth and death and the leaving and returning of travellers. Unclogs your spiritual pipes, and the Goddess of the Springs works fast!

New Zealand Sacred Waters ~ “The Great River”
A Spray formula made with a combination of all 5 New Zealand essences and a refreshing blend of essential oils. Anduin is the river in Middle Earth that all other rivers flow into, it is also known as The Great River. Feel the power of the River of Life within you. Feel connected to Source.

Special Offer: The first 3 orders who arrange for pick up in San Francisco at Purple Iris Healing Center in Noe Valley, will receive $5 off the retail price of $79 and save shipping and handling. Single bottles of any of the 6 limited edition New Zealand essence formulas are also available to purchase individually at our regular price of $13 each.

If you are interested in a little more on Claudia’s New Zealand adventure, travel back to our blog entry from earlier this year.

“Farewell! wherever you fare, till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end!”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, November 14, 2011

Artisans Faire at The Sacred Well

We are very pleased to announce we will be participating for a second year in The Sacred Well Holiday Artisans Faire. We will be joining a select group of vendors at the faire this coming Saturday November 19th from 12:00 noon until 6:00pm.

Come by and meet the talented artisans who will be bringing their locally produced, handmade goods. We will have a wonderful selection of essences and samples for you to try, plus the premier of our brand new box set “There and Back Again”.  This limited edition collection of essences are made from hand collected waters gathered by Claudia during her travels in New Zealand.  The set contains 6 unique essences; powerful individually, and together as an energetic journey to sacred places of the land of Middle Earth.  

This is a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping for unique items while supporting local artists and an independently owned business. If you haven't been to The Sacred Well yet, you are in for a treat, it really is a magical place to visit!  This is a free event. 

We hope to see you Saturday! 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

With StarWater Blessings, 
Claudia & Alison