Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blessings begin with “May”

“May we know ourselves in our perfect state, our eyes open to the perfection of those around us. May we live in reciprocity with Nature and embrace the joy of the present moment. May we sing and dance with the heart of listening.”
~ Stargazer Lily Blessing

Our Featured Essence for the Merry Month of May is the radiant Stargazer Lily. Her vibration helps us to embrace joy with wild abandon and celebrate our divinity as star beings. When we stand fully present in the moment, our inner starlight shines like a sparkling jewel. This essence is a dose of spiritual nutrition and sweetness.

Stargazer Lily was made throughout Beltane Eve until sunrise on the first of May in 2010. The plant from which the essence was made lives in a private garden high upon a hill overlooking San Francisco and was a gift from Claudia’s mother, an avid gardener, years ago. Stargazer lily bloomed on the first of May heralding well-wishes for Mother’s Day. With permission given from the spirit of the plant, two radiant magenta blooms were placed in a bowl of spring water where the essence was infused by the elements in its garden home. Earth blessings in the form of a despacho and song were offered to the Faery beings and elemental kingdoms expressing great gratitude for Springtime’s sweet abundance.

The Stargazer flower lives in a divine state and reflects back our own divinity and light echoing the Divine Mother’s love of all her children. Stargazer’s wisdom teaches us to listen with an open heart so that we may perceive the subtle beauty and perfection around us.

Use when you want to boost your inner light and ignite your soul fire. A strong ally in creative expressions; singing, dancing, and music-making. Stargazer will guide your ability to listen to others with an open heart, tune in and hear the messages that are often beyond words.

Stargazer Lily is available in both dropper and spray, and would make a great gift for moms or special women in your life. The external spray contains a light and airy aroma that evokes feelings of openess and freedom with a blend of organic essential oils including Artemisia, Clary Sage, Niaouli, Black Spruce, and Benzoin Absolute.

Month of May special: enjoy Stargazer Lilly 1 oz dropper for $10 and 2 oz spray for $15. If you live in San Francisco, pick up a bottle at Purple Iris Healing Center 1404 Church Street at 26th Street.

“Look past the surface and listen as you would a beguiling melody on the very edge of hearing.”
~ The Faery Piper

“The more we are true to our own nature, the more access we have to our own magic and the song of the cosmos.”
~ The Faery Faun