"Claudia, you have a customer for life! Before I started using All Is Well I would get a cold. After using it for over 2 months I never felt better. I will not be without!" TC, Photographer
"Amazing! I used the Focus and Ease in Learning & Higher Learning in all my studies and when I took my final and got 106/100 :) Feeling also like they are keeping me calm & centered in the chaos of stuff I can't control." S.L., Astrologer, Student"

"I have most of the essences and use them for journeying and ceremony. The differences in clarity, quality and even quantity of information, wisdom, understanding, and images that I receive is remarkably more powerful with these essences. Kachina Woman and Cosmic Antlers can be utterly amazing for journeying. I am so delighted that you are there, and that you do what you do. I think your essences are among the best (if not THE best) I have ever found."
C.C., Retired Educator/Shamanic Explorer

"I first started using Abundant Spring a few weeks before an important fashion show that I was organizing. I was feeling stressed out that things weren't getting done in time, and was worried that attendance for the event would be low. I began to take Abundant Spring several times per day, with the intention of turning that energy around -- from lack to abundance, from worry to trust, and from stress to calm. I was frankly surprised at how effective it was, and at how quickly I noticed the results -- probably within a day or two of the first use. The fashion show turned out better than I could have imagined, and I was glad not to have been a nervous wreck in the days leading up to it."
I.R., Artist

"I volunteer at a senior dog rescue and take Faerie Cross before meeting with the dogs. I find that I am instantly attuned to their energies and different special needs. I’m able to quickly connect with them and intuit what flower essences they may need. Faerie Cross is seriously a bridge for cross-species communication."
C.C., Flower Essence Practitioner

"I was gifted Empress Moon and knew very little about the purpose, how to use it or how it was made. I learned that it was to inspire the creativity in me and I loved this idea as I live in my left brain A LOT. The essence is light and refreshing and I would spray it on myself every morning on my way to work. I never set an intention in my mind about what I wanted to create but I was trying to get pregnant. I am happy to say that I am now 20 weeks!"
M.R., Physician

"Hina Full Moon is a delightful blend of essences that delights the senses. I use the spray, used for clearing spaces, to move energy out between giving psychic readings. It is absolutely divine! No residual energy at all between clients, and I am more able to release previous energies more effectively. Subtle yet powerful!"
M.S., Psychic

"Solstice Lightning Storm spray is amazing! We use it all day between clients. It really seems to clear the room, lessen the heaviness, and give it a fresh feeling. That's exactly what we were hoping it would help us with. Thank you!"
E.I., Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

"After a long day at the office, coming home, making dinner, cleaning up and putting my daughter to bed, I spray All is Well and enjoy the quiet balance and restorative calm it brings."
R.A., Attorney

"I don't always feel an affect from flower essences. But the wondrous women of Stars in Jars gave me a sample of Shaman's Shield, and I could totally feel my energy shift when I used it. Their stuff has some real woo to it! I love it."
R.D., Theater Professional

"I put a few drops of Orchid Mother in the water and spray bottle for my plants yesterday, when I came home hours later they were soooooo green! I noticed that they just seemed very very lush, they really loved it."
I.B., Web Designer

"I use Stone Shields Spray in my shamanic practice before a session. It feels like a strong energetic container, safe and solid. It's as though some great Protector Spirits are watching over me and the client. I like it so much I keep 2 bottles in my office; one is scent free for people who are sensitive."
S.S., Shamanic Practitioner

"Empress Moon is a favorite.  If I am feeling a little low during my monthly cycle, I spray Empress Moon all over and it feels like I have just received a cool, gentle embrace lifting me up and comforting me."
R.A., Attorney 

"I have been taking the newest essence Bearded Iris for when I am dealing with a lot of people or running around doing errands. It keeps me feeling grounded and somehow unaffected by other people's energy."
C.C., Artist

"Stars in Jars are really special essences. All Is Well has a serene comforting vibration that gives me a deep sense of well-being...I find it very grounding and helpful for daily support and for staying focused in special circumstances."
L.M., Healthcare Administrator

"These essences have changed my life! I am now finding it easier to trust the universe and move into a place where I know I deserve good things in life. Thank you."

We would love to hear about your experiences with any of our essences, please email us:
info (at) starsinjars (dot) com