Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School Essences

It’s that time of the year when the solar energy of summer begins to wane, classes start up, and the onset of autumn turns our internal rhythms toward introspection and reflection. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the season of autumn is associated with the element of Metal, which governs organization, order, communication, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. Thus we naturally downshift from an active physicality that accompanies the fiery energy of summer and begin to quiet down. As we turn inward, we are called to return to source, harvesting what we have sewn.

Back to School Essences
Keynotes: Integration of Knowledge


 I am offering two new remedies which are particularly useful for the return to our studies. 

“Focus and Ease in Learning” is designed to help improve mental focus, keep thoughts on track, and minimize a wandering mind when engaged with the learning process. My intention for this formula is that learning can be creative, playful and fun!

“Focus and Ease in Learning” is for those who are easily distracted when it comes to focusing their attention on a single goal or pursuit. This remedy is for clarity and mental steadfastness. When we approach learning from a place of ease, effortlessness, and fun we are more readily able to absorb, integrate, and retain new information.

“Higher Learning” is for tapping into source knowledge and connecting with our inner authority. This remedy joins the qualities of “Focus and Ease in Learning” with the potential to access deeper levels of learning at a cellular level.

When our head and heart is in alignment information that comes in sticks. Why? Because we are inviting in knowledge that our entire system is excited about. We are not making distinctions between logic and intuition but rather using both sets of tools, engaging both hemispheres of the brain. Therefore information is assimilated into our entire being. This requires grounding and being open to the channels of communication within ourselves so that the inner teacher can be heard. May you go forth confidently and discover new worlds of mastery!

To manifest a higher skill level in the learning and integration of your goals be they Calculus, French, Salsa dancing, cooking, or a more esoteric pursuit, try one of these formulas. When the process is connected to Divine consciousness, it becomes a journey of remembering. Have fun~ It’s never too late to learn!

Both formulas available in dropper or spray. Spray formula contains essential oils that help with focus and clarity.

"[This combination] is amazing. I used the Focus and Ease in Learning & Higher Learning in all my studies and when I took my final and got 106/100 :) Feeling also like they are keeping me calm & centered in the chaos of stuff I can't control." SL, Astrologer, Student