Thursday, September 24, 2015

Equinox Greetings!

Autumn Equinox marks the shift from Virgo to Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and partnership. From the Fire of Summer we move into the element of Water. May we be blessed with rain and move into balance here in California and other areas which have been affected by an over abundance of Fire energy this year.

Astrologically, we find ourselves between two eclipses, with the upcoming Super Full Lunar Eclipse taking place this coming Sunday Sept. 27th. Mercury is retrograde and Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. All this is to say that we may be experiencing some shifts that we could use some balance in navigating.

We offer a combination called Sacred Waters of the World. These are waters collected from sacred sites around the world over a span of 20+ years. They come from Chalice Well in England, Mt. Shasta, Yosemite, Ireland, azure lakes in Mexico, glaciers from three continents, Patagonia, Hawaiian waterfalls, crystalline pools in New Zealand, and various springs honored by indigenous peoples of the southwest. They hold the energy of the first snow fall on a mountain pass, hail storms, alpine rivers and lakes, and stalactites dripping water in caves. They have been collected in a way that honors the Spirits of the land and blessings have been offered in reciprocity.  May we work in partnership with the Earth and the Elementals to bring back balance.

Offer these sacred waters in healing ceremonies, to ley lines, in medicine wheels, in cleansing rituals, in fountains, in healing spaces, to your plants and gardens. Anoint yourself, your chakras, and bless your friends. Place a few drops in a bath, add intention and turn it into a sacred purifying ritual. Offer some to the ocean. Commune with Yemaya and Oshun. Put some in a bowl under the stars and ask for rain. Just offer. In your own way.

You may purchase Sacred Waters of the World only in a spray, as it is not for internal consumption. It can be sans scent or with. A portion of proceeds will go to helping those most impacted by the Butte fires. May we come into Balance in all ways. As above, so below.

Blessings, Claudia

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I honor my ability to hold the light and the dark

Faery Greeting to you my Lovelies,

A lot is going on astrologically speaking! Friday March 20th hosts the Vernal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, a Solar Eclipse and a Super Moon and is surrounded by the energies of the Seventh Pluto-Uranus Square (March 16). So if you have been feeling a bit punky, out of sorts, or in need of sorting some stuff out; feeling a pull to be done with it already, you are not alone. In fact, you are right on time. A dynamic new cycle begins with Aries on Friday with an invitation to “be the change you want to see”, and plant the seeds that will make your most authentic self fill with song.

What does your heart long to embrace as part of your everyday? I invite you to join your heart’s song and dedicate this week, and beyond, to nourishing the spark that will support you in shining your light out on the world. And notice in what ways the world reflects that light back.

Take inventory. Release whatever (or whomever) is not serving you or supporting you to be the best expression of yourself.  Open yourself up to a new and expanded consciousness and transcend the outdated templates that are not aligned with your higher calling. As we re-pattern our lives to reflect who we are in the present moment, we let go and lighten up. As we listen to our inner wisdom, we can trust that we are in harmony with our unique soul plan. With Saturn in Retrograde, it is high time to dump the old stories that limit our growth.

Eclipses are wild times. My advice is enjoy the ride and love the journey, with all it’s twists and turns, even the ones that may dip you into uncharted waters. 

Be Electric, Collage by Claudia
As a nod to Uranus, the featured essence is Lightning in a Bottle. Made in San Francisco during a lightning storm and under the influence of a Taurus Full Moon, the energy of this essence is clearing out the old. When I first took this essence, I felt it at the base of my spine and experienced it moving upwards into my third eye and crown chakras. For me this was similar to Kundalini energy that resides at the base of the spine. When we activate our Kundalini, it is possible to release trauma, and holding patterns on all levels.

Another aspect of this essence is an invitation to connect with and use our personal lightning bolt power responsibly without being triggered or distracted by others who are choosing not to access and activate their own personal power. It’s message is “Dare to rebel ...against anything that makes you feel small and does not honor your true radiance.” This essence feels like a catalyst for movement and transformation -- a breakthrough essence that can support you in releasing what is obstructing you from the embodiment of your fully realized self. That means all of you, both the light and the dark parts.

I invite you to work with this essence and share your experiences with me. I always appreciate feedback!

The spray formula for misting contains a fiery blend of essential oils of the following: clove, red mandarin, cajeput, cinnamon. Along with the grounding oils of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and pine to support the first chakra.  It also contains the uplifting oils of lemon, peppermint, rosemary, tangerine, cassia, and basil for focus and clarity which can stimulate the intuitive centers of the sixth and seventh chakra.

Internal, 1/2 or 1 oz bottle with dropper-$10/$13
External, 2 oz spray bottle for misting self and environment-$17
Prices do not include tax or shipping.
Please email me before placing your paypal order so I can calculate the total.

To find out more about astrological happenings...I love these three astrologers.

Stella Lawless,
Emily Trinkaus,
Cathy Coleman,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

may you have a blessed spring equinox

 i greet the day

 i greet the day
ominous and pure
the red velvet of a pregnant sky
touches my skin
the biting crisp snap penetrates my cheek
the luminescence of green hues, every one imaginable
and then some
like a jigsaw puzzle
comes together in leaf and tree
my eyes bright with reflection
good morning juniper, rosemary, geranium
good morning sage, lavender, bamboo and morning glory
good morning little white flowers 
i greet this day sensing the magic
of every molecule 
interacting, dancing
as clear as my own breath
and i am humbled

published in Sage Woman Magazine: The Herbal Goddess Issue 85, 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just Be...

100,000 Thai Theravada Monks in meditation for peace and in prayer to ease the suffering of the world. Thailand.2012.
Greetings Shining Stars! It is our greatest wish that your holiday celebrations are love-filled and bring you all the joy and bliss that is your birthright. Winter is the time to go within. We can look to nature for guidance; animals hibernate, vegetation lies dormant, the earth is resting and restoring herself. I like to think of winter as a long and luxurious savasana, restorative and deliciously deserved! In stillness, we receive the full benefits of the work we have put in. They say it is the most important pose of all. While the holidays often bring much external activity, if we give ourselves the gift of quietude and introspection just for a few minutes a day, and start anchoring this as a daily practice, when we are called to engage with the outer world, we do so from a much more grounded and solid place and we utilize our energy in more effective ways.

This year at Winter Solstice, I participated in a dear friend’s medicine wheel ceremony. We were twelve gathered respectfully and with revery to anchor our solstice intentions.  As we were saged before entering the wheel, the question posed to each of us was “what are you willing to release?”  I invite each of you to meditate on this as the year comes to a close. Turn inwards, connect with your truest and highest self, and contemplate this question so that with the return of the light, a space for what you wish to embrace and devote yourself to can start to reveal itself.

This is a great time to journal, make a vision board, meditate, give voice to your inner muse, breathe, ponder, wonder, walk in nature, pray, be grateful, rest, do nothing, smile inwardly, do (or don’t do) things that bring you into alignment with the seasons. This puts us in touch with our inner knowing and opens us up to guidance from our higher self. I find that when I devote myself to more internal pursuits, I have more clarity, focus, and discernment. My life seems more balanced, I am less likely to be ‘off-kilter’. Decisions become effortless and my energy has a sense of containment. I encourage you to just be in the darkness, rest in the fallow earth, just a few minutes a day can be life-changing!

I offer you this simple exercise to release what no longer serves your highest good.

Stand on the Earth. Feel your feet firmly planted and held by the Earth. Imagine that you have roots like a tree extending from the soles of your feet deep down into the Earth. Ground these roots into the Earth’s core. Then simply scan your body and your energy field and intend that anything that is not of the highest vibration to drain out and away from you through your root system. You don’t even need to name it or attach story to it. Simply release, let go, and breathe that energy into the Earth. You can see it as golden light entering the Earth as pure potential energy to be recycled and transmuted into nutrients to feed the Earth. Do this a few times if it feels appropriate or until you feel an energetic shift. Feel your weight on the Earth. These roots are your grounding cord and can serve both as a release method and a filling method to bring energy back into your body.

Once the release is complete, and reverse the process. Bring your awareness back to your feet and intend that the roots pull up and into your entire system the qualities of grounding, solidness, support, nourishment, balance, steadfastness.  Like a thirsty plant soak up all these wonderful qualities, feel youreself becoming restored at a cellular level. You can also open up your crown chakra and allow this energy to flow up and out of your crown bathing your entire aura as it washes over you like a waterfall of light.

When we attend to our connection with the Earth and Nature, shifts happen on all levels. I invite you to try this and see what evolves for you!

With blessings of gratitude~Claudia

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School Essences

It’s that time of the year when the solar energy of summer begins to wane, classes start up, and the onset of autumn turns our internal rhythms toward introspection and reflection. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the season of autumn is associated with the element of Metal, which governs organization, order, communication, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. Thus we naturally downshift from an active physicality that accompanies the fiery energy of summer and begin to quiet down. As we turn inward, we are called to return to source, harvesting what we have sewn.

Back to School Essences
Keynotes: Integration of Knowledge


 I am offering two new remedies which are particularly useful for the return to our studies. 

“Focus and Ease in Learning” is designed to help improve mental focus, keep thoughts on track, and minimize a wandering mind when engaged with the learning process. My intention for this formula is that learning can be creative, playful and fun!

“Focus and Ease in Learning” is for those who are easily distracted when it comes to focusing their attention on a single goal or pursuit. This remedy is for clarity and mental steadfastness. When we approach learning from a place of ease, effortlessness, and fun we are more readily able to absorb, integrate, and retain new information.

“Higher Learning” is for tapping into source knowledge and connecting with our inner authority. This remedy joins the qualities of “Focus and Ease in Learning” with the potential to access deeper levels of learning at a cellular level.

When our head and heart is in alignment information that comes in sticks. Why? Because we are inviting in knowledge that our entire system is excited about. We are not making distinctions between logic and intuition but rather using both sets of tools, engaging both hemispheres of the brain. Therefore information is assimilated into our entire being. This requires grounding and being open to the channels of communication within ourselves so that the inner teacher can be heard. May you go forth confidently and discover new worlds of mastery!

To manifest a higher skill level in the learning and integration of your goals be they Calculus, French, Salsa dancing, cooking, or a more esoteric pursuit, try one of these formulas. When the process is connected to Divine consciousness, it becomes a journey of remembering. Have fun~ It’s never too late to learn!

Both formulas available in dropper or spray. Spray formula contains essential oils that help with focus and clarity.

"[This combination] is amazing. I used the Focus and Ease in Learning & Higher Learning in all my studies and when I took my final and got 106/100 :) Feeling also like they are keeping me calm & centered in the chaos of stuff I can't control." SL, Astrologer, Student

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shamanism and The Journey
Next class 10/13 in Half Moon Bay
Next class 8/11 11-4
Sunday 6/9 11-4, San Francisco, special co-taught session, $75-100 sliding scale

Curious about shamanism and want to know more? This workshop is for discovering what shamanism is about, and for learning to journey. Journeying is an altered state, which can be accessed by listening to drumming or other rhythmic percussion. It gives us the ability to receive direct guidance and healing, find answers, and release limiting beliefs. No prior experience is necessary to take this workshop.

During the workshop, we’ll spend some time talking about what shamanism is, and how it fits into today’s world. Then, you’ll dive right in and learn to journey. We could talk for days, but that’s not half as much fun as experiencing it for yourself. You will first journey to meet your Power Animal, and we’ll do a second journey as well, to be determined depending on the group. Some of the questions you have now, you’ll see they answer themselves – you will know you’re not making it up, and you will be able to practice on your own afterwards, should you choose to.

Class is co-taught by Moria, a shamanic practitioner and teacher who does healing work on the etheric / spiritual levels, and Claudia, an energy healer / body worker and flower essence practitioner. Their complementary perspectives show two of the many ways shamanic practice can inform and express in a modern world.

Bring a bag lunch, notebook, eye pillow or bandanna and a rattle if you have one.
Email compostmentis (at) volcano (dot) net or call Moria at 209-489-3271 to sign up and receive location information.

About Moria
I believe that everything has Spirit, and we are all connected. I love this Earth that we live on, and I am committed to minding and mending the webs – both physical and energetic – that connect and feed us all. I believe it is important for each of us to live our whole, authentic self in balanced relationship with the energies of our worlds. I follow this path with an open heart, and the path follows me as well.

About Claudia
I believe that as we move toward living in reciprocity with the natural world, our channels of awareness start opening. We start to reconnect with inner sight, inner knowing and start to listen with our hearts. We become aware that everything is alive, the trees, the rocks, the wind. When this happens our world expands, we move into responding to life from our Divinity and connection rather than separation. When we practice this way of being, we enter the flow of life and stop swimming against the tide.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Albert Einstein

Did you know that the first Earth Day was initially proposed to be celebrated on Spring Equinox ? In honor of both Earth Day and the onset of Spring, Stars in Jars is offering a combo  pack that will support the release of obstacles, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Two essence remedies divinely paired as “Clear Path” will be your allies in this undertaking. The first essence, “Clear the Clutter”, is particularly useful in sweeping away the dust bunnies, whether on your desk or in your mental arena. Clutter impedes the flow of energy and can contribute to feelings of overwhelm and depletion. This essence creates a clear path to a more harmonious life.  It brings gentle awareness to the root causes of why we hold on to things that no longer serve our highest good. When our awareness grows, we are able to implement a shift which can lead to changing habits and outworn patterns. The spray when used on its own is excellent for space clearing. Now that you have cleared the way, you may need a little support in focusing your efforts. The second remedy in the pairing is called “Get it Done”. This essence will be your cheerleader and help you see that project through to its completion.

So if you are still challenged by that pile of clothes in your closet, tax extensions, or even that New Year’s resolution that still hasn’t quite gotten under way, this one’s for you! We invite you to ride the Earth’s rhythms and access the vital energy available to us all with the onset of springtime, longer days, and the warmer weather. May your path be clear and may your goals manifest with ease and in alignment with your highest Self.