Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greetings Cosmic Explorers

As the Wheel of the year turns towards the dark half of the year and Samhain (“Summer’s End”) approaches at the end of October, we stand before one of the most powerful gateways in the Celtic year and in many traditions and cultures an important and powerful season. We wish all who celebrate the old traditions, a blessed new year.

Our current Featured Essence is Vision Quest, one of our essence sets we call *Powerful Pairings; two individual formulas created to work especially well as a duo of energies to compliment and synergize the benefits of one another. Powerful Pairings are two bottles sold together.

Vision Quest  (Keywords = Cosmic Exploration)

Vision Quest is a Powerful Pairing of; Cosmic Antlers, and Stone Shields Spray, to be used together when embarking on spiritual undertakings. Crafted specially as Sister Essences for connection and protection, when used with one another each of the formulas in this set synergizes and amplifies the power of her Sister Essence.

Use Vision Quest for solitary work or with a circle of like-minded spirits and allies, to support and enhance journey work, initiation ceremonies, and when seeking guidance from other realms. Begin with Stone Shields Spray to create an energetic cauldron of safety, then within the protection of this container, take a few drops of Cosmic Antlers under the tongue or anoint the third eye to enhance visioning and launch inner questing. 

We dedicate this offering to pragmatic mystics, spiritual warriors, wise fools, heroines, heros, explorers, seekers, dreamers, and brave souls everywhere who are setting out on a journey.

"Sanctified by their initiatory experiences and furnished with their spirit guardians, the shaman alone among human beings is able to consciously travel into the spiritual worlds as cosmic explorers."  ~ Hank Wesselman

Cosmic Antlers  (Keywords = Cosmic Awareness)

"Symbiosis" by Nadia Turner 
Opens and expands awareness, connects your knowing with Cosmic Consciousness.  Sprouts your virtual antennae, heightening senses to aid reception of guidance and wisdom available from the Cosmos. Opens the third eye for powerful awakened inner sight. Excellent for astral travel, dream quests, oracular or divinitory practices, or when soul progression is desired. Use this formula within the safety of the sacred container created with Stone Shields Spray.

(Available only in Dropper form and sold exclusively with Stone Shields Spray as part of the Vision Quest Powerful Pairing set.)

"I have most of the essences and use them for journeying and ceremony... Cosmic Antlers can be utterly amazing for journeying. I am so delighted that you are there, and that you do what you do. I think your essences are among the best (if not THE best) I have ever found."
C.C., Retired Educator/Shamanic Explorer

Stone Shields Spray  (Keyword = Protection)

"Standing Stones of Callanish 2" by Nick Holland
Creates a magical disk of safety. Raises a virtual circle of standing stones that surround you as guardians and deep witnesses to your work. Spray any room, open space, or mist around your body. May be used with its Sister formula or alone whenever a strong energetic container is needed, whether for ritual, energy work or when maneuvering in the mundane realm when our energetic or physical body’s immune defenses need strength and protection. A wonderful adjunct for anyone in the healing arts profession. Makes a great companion for travel or when in crowded places.

Available exclusively as a spray formula, contains a powerhouse of oils and gemstone elixirs each carefully chosen for their quality of warmth, great for the coming winter months.

"I use Stone Shields Spray in my shamanic practice before a session. It feels like a strong energetic container, safe and solid. It's as though some great Protector Spirits are watching over me and the client. I like it so much I keep 2 bottles in my office; one is scent free for people who are sensitive."
S.S., Shamanic Practitioner

Vision Quest is available in the following sizes:
1 oz each dropper/spray $24. A savings of $2 from individual purchase prices.
2 oz each dropper/spray $30. A savings of $4 from individual purchase prices.

*For additional Powerful Pairings visit our Products page or feel free to ask us for a pairing suggestion with any of our formulas.  We also create custom sets of two or more essences that work together to lend maximum mojo to support your specific intention. Simply email us at: starsinjars2008 (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about essence pairs or sets.