Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid-Summer greetings to the Goddesses in everyone

Our mid-summer Featured Essence is Triple Goddess. Made from a combination of full moon essences, this potent formula may be used at any time during lunar phases to call forth the blessings and power of the Goddess as she moves through her cycle; new, waxing, full, waning, and dark.

The Triple Goddess is the three-fold aspect of the Goddess as Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Triple Goddess essence is perfect for use in moon rituals, bathing rituals, and to invoke the Goddess for strength in Sisterhood. For honoring the solidarity of the Sacred Feminine within self, family or community. A great ally for help in “letting go” and clearing anything that no longer serves.

The inspiration for crafting this essence literally sprang forth from the dream-time. It is an alchemical brew of multiple full moon infusions made by us under various full moons. Each unique full moon planetary essence was made in different locations spanning from the southwestern desert to the Polynesian islands over a period of several years time. The resulting brew was then energized in sacred space under a powerful Full Moon in Gemini. Gifts of flowers, gems, and hand blended essential oils from our circle of sisters were key ingredients blessing this formula.

Triple Goddess is available in both dropper and spray formulas. The spray is imbued with a special blend of essential oils created as an offering to Venus: jasmine absolute, frankincense, ylang ylang, and orange.

The Nine Sisters (Nine fold aspect of the Goddess as Maidens, Mothers, Crones):
“I am The cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. I am One. I am many. I am within you."

“I am the Maiden, called by some Brigit, Diana, Kore
I am the waxing moon, the bright flower of beginnings and adventures into the self and the world.
I am One Unto Myself … I am within you.“

“I am the Mother, called by some Danu, Demeter, Frigga
I am the full moon, the fecundity of ideas and motion, life giving birth to itself.
I am Myself in Connection … I am within you.“

“I am the Crone, called by some The Cailiach, Hekate, Hella
I am the waning moon, the secrets of silence and darkness, of the journey not yet taken.
I am All Within Myself … I am within you. “

~ Meeting the Nine Sisters Ritual written by Catherine Pennington, presented at PantheaCon 2003, 2004

Monday, June 6, 2011

Get that New Zealand feelin'

Claudia was recently traveling in New Zealand where she collected sacred waters from Middle Earth. Since her return, we have been attuning to the energies of these special waters and sharing them with friends for use in ceremony and ritual. Because New Zealand has one of the cleanest water sources on the planet, these waters have powerful healing qualities. Here are some pictures from her travels of the places she collected these waters.

Emerald Lake
Three sacred lakes in the volcanic area of Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island.

Blue Lake

Sacred lake to the Maori located in Rotorua, the center of the North Island's largest geothermal activity.

Waikoropupu Springs

"Pupu" Springs is a sacred spring to the Maori. It is the largest spring system in New Zealand and among the 100 largest in the world. Horizontal visibility is 63 meters. Legend tells of Huriawa who guards the spring, when she is not clearing blocked waterways beneath the earth.

Fox River Cavern
Claudia calls this one "milking the cave", as the water was collected from several stalactites in Punakaiki, South Island.

Fox Glacier

Glacial ice was collected from this river on South Island.

Stay tuned for new limited edition essences made with these waters. In the meantime, please feel free to email us if you want to purchase a preview bottle of any of the waters pictured here.