Circle of Allies

Teachers, Mentors, Education and Training
Earth Caretakers - Meg Beeler
Alaskan Essences
Desert Alchemy
Jane Bell Essences
Marty Morales
Hypnotherapy Training Institute
House of Brigh - Orion Foxwood
Suzanne Sterling
Dharma Punx
Martin Prechtel, Teachings of the Flowering Mountain
Sandra Ingerman Medicine for the Earth
Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Micheal Harner
Robert Moss, Way of the Dreamer
Stacey Butcher, Reiki Master

Spiritual Activism
OTM - Off the Mat Into the World
Caroline Casey's Coyote Network News
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Reclaiming - A Tradition of Witchcraft
CAYA Coven - Come As You Are Coven
Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society
Witchcamp - Spiritual Intensives in the Reclaiming Tradition 
A Fool's Journey - A Restorative and Retreat Northern California
Pagan Alliance

Magic and Herbal Shops
Gathering Thyme San Anselmo, CA
The Sacred Well Oakland CA
Serpent's Kiss Santa Cruz CA

Fields Book Store - Soulful and Scholarly Books San Francisco CA
Open Secret Bookstore Music and World Art Gallery San Rafael CA 

Astro Barry
Stella Lawless
Wise Stars Astrology

Coaching and Consulting
Elka Vera
Crafting the Sacred Jo Crawford

Tarot, Oracles and Divination
MotherPeace Tarot - Vicki Noble & Karen Vogel
Daughters of the Moon - Ffiona Morgan
Tarot of the Crone - Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Faeries Oracle - Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth
Voyager Tarot - James Wanless
Daughters of Divination
Tarot Media Company

Grace Cathedral San Francisco CA
The Labyrinth Guild San Francisco CA
The Labyrinth Society An International Organization

Handmade Body and Skin Care
By Nieves
Sequoia Beauty

Wild and Artisan Edibles
Forage SF - A Wild Foods Community
SF Underground Market

Clothing, Accessories and Magical Wearables
From The Fig Tree
Scott aka The Mad Tailor Custom Corsetry

Sacred Crafts and Altar Art
Sacred Seeds