Thursday, August 23, 2012

May you soar amongst the stars....

Image by Susan Seddon Boulet
Shaman's Shield 

The featured essence this month is Shaman’s Shield: a protective energetic spray formula that fortifies the auric field and awakens the inner warrior. During the making of this essence an Eagle Warrior Spirit was our guide. Clear sight and discernment are paramount qualities of this remedy. The infusion includes various gems and essential oils for grounding and protection.

A buffer zone for empaths and sensitives, use this essence as an energetic shield when you need a little extra protection and courage. It is a helpful ally when needing to claim personal space in navigating through crowded urban areas (or desert festivals where all manner of vibrations and frequencies abound!).

Those interfacing with energy vampires or involved with populations or places where intense trauma or suffering has caused devastation can benefit from using Shaman’s Shield as part of their self-care ritual. Whether a layperson or light-worker, we invite you to put on your symbolic war paint and willingly confront life, knowing you are capable and protected with this strong companion by your side.

Claudia recommends a Stars in Jars spray trio for bodyworkers and healers. Stone Shields holds the container of sacred space. Shaman’s Shield aids in maintaining clear and healthy boundaries. Solstice Lightning Storm grounds and washes away any residual energy between sessions. A wonderful way to connect and be fully present in a loving and caring way with clients and then clear the slate, releasing any interpersonal connections.

Contains essential oils of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Sage and White Angelica.
Sprays are not to be taken internally.

"I don't always feel an effect from flower essences. But the wondrous women of Stars in Jars gave me a sample of Shaman's Shield, and I could totally feel my energy shift when I used it. Their stuff has some real woo to it! I love it."
R.D., Theater Professional

"Shield" by Claudia