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One of a kind essence formulas available from Stars in Jars™

Abundant Spring
Expands the heart and shifts feelings of scarcity to trust. Replenishes and restores from the bounty that pours forth from nature.

All Is Well
Purifies stagnant energy on all levels. Promotes wellness of entire being and lends soul support.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Be in Heart
An invitation to allow the light to shine on the corners of ourselves that we keep in the realm of shadow and let go of what no longer serves.

Bearded Iris
Strengthens alignment with your higher purpose filtering out scattered energy and unnecessary distractions. Illuminates perspective, spotlighting what is essential.

Clear the Clutter
Sweep away those dust-bunnies and embrace a more harmonious life. Excellent for space clearing.

Cosmic Antlers
Sprouts your virtual antennae. Opens psychic channels, awakens knowledge, and gives sight to invisible worlds. A dropper formula sold exclusively with Stone Shields Spray as part of the Powerful Pairing set Vision Quest.

Empress Moon
Bathe in an ocean of beauty and love with star blessings from Yemaya, Oshun and Venus. Great for rituals honoring moon cycles.

Faerie Cross

Potent juju when seeking guidance from other realms. Calls forth enchantment and awakens insight into hidden matters. Invites cross-species communication and exchange.

Focus and Ease in Learning
A combination remedy designed to help with mental focus, keep thoughts on track, and minimize a wandering mind.

Get it Done!
Stop procrastinating and get that project done already. Your life is waiting!

Glacier Water
Opens a fresh flow of energy where there is stagnation or inertia. Use to cleanse, refresh, revitalize and tap into Source energy.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Grandmother Bell Rock

Blessings from a beloved elder of the Sedona desert. She anoints, activates, enlivens, guides, and nurtures. An instant portal to the sacred.

Grief Release
Deep surrender to the mystery of what lies beyond form, and that which can never die. Solace in knowing one’s own thread is woven into the web of life.

Higher Learning

A remedy for tapping into source knowledge and connecting with our inner authority to access deeper levels of learning at a cellular level.

Holiday Calm
A remedy that brings calm to any stressful situation and helps combat burnout. The perfect balm when feeling tired and wired. When you are in need of support, grounding and patience during a particularly heightened time and need a dose of peace.
I Am Free

Lightens, lifts and liberates the spirit. Exceptional ally for journeys through healing, transformation or metamorphosis.

Lightning In A Bottle
A catalyst essence to help you connect with your personal lightning bolt power source. Support in accessing Kundalini energy. Clears out the old so you can claim and shine your true radiance.

Kachina Woman
Celebrates the wild woman in each of us, power-filled and capable of strong magic and transmutation of ancestral wounds. Supports reproductive health.

Mercury Retrograde Remedy
Re-minds us to slow down, re-consider, and re-align. Remain calm, grounded and patient during the influence of Mercury’s cycles.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Orchid Mother
Divine grace from deep within the heart of nature. Her gentle whisper echoes our own soul song and attunes our entire being to the pulse of the Universe.

Sacred Waters of the World
A compilation of collected waters from over 25 sources far and wide, including England, Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, California and the American Southwest.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Honor and celebrate the Goddess in times of transition with love and gratitude. Blesses rites of passage.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Shaman's Shield
A protective energetic shield that fortifies the auric field and awakens the inner warrior.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Solis Manifestation
Ignites the flame of the will and brings desires into being. A mojo boost for creating abundance and celebrating the masculine.

Solstice Lightning Storm

Grounds out unnecessary and disharmonious energies and clears the aura of static energy. Aids recovery from trauma.

Song of Innocence
Healing for survivors of family betrayals suffered in this life or past lives. Inter-generational clearing, washes away veil of shame. Restores honey in the heart.

Stargazer Lily
Rejoice with wild abandon and celebrate your Star Being Divinity. Boost your inner light and ignite your soul fire. Revel in song, dance, and music-making.

Stone Shields
Creates a magical disk of safety. Raise a circle of standing stones that are both guardians and deep witness.
for external use~available in spray formula only

Triple Goddess
Maidens, Mothers, and Crones unite to call upon the strength of the Goddess in Sisterhood. For any occasion honoring the Sacred Feminine within self, family and community.

Within the Labyrinth
Invokes peace, quietude, and spaciousness for contemplation. Guides an inward journey along the pathways to the heart.

*Powerful Pairings: Though all of our essences are available individually, we created some that work especially well as part of a duo of energies to compliment and synergize the benefits. 2 bottles sold together as a set.

*Clear Path 
The combination of Clear the Clutter and Get it Done! acts as an energetic cheerleader to help you clear obstacles and attain goals.

*Divine Union
A toast to love, a pairing of Empress Moon and Solis Manifestation. Harmonizes the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within self or in a relationship. A wonderful balance of moon/sun yin/yang energy.

*Fire and Ice
Solstice Lightning Storm and Glacier Water.
Invoke the healing energies of the elemental kingdoms of Fire and Water ~a powerful duo for deep cleansing on all levels. Great for space clearing or when energetic patterns of others are still hanging around.

*Vision Quest
A pairing of Stone Shields Spray and Cosmic Antlers. For spiritual undertaking and when soul progression is desired. Wonderful for initiation ceremonies, vision quests, sacred circles. (Cosmic Antlers is available only as part of this set).

*Soul Family
Pair Orchid Mother with Song of Innocence to call forth unconditional love and re-member our truth, innocence, beauty, and Buddha nature. From here we can move forward fully self-present and sing our Divine Song.