Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Greetings from Stars in Jars

As we turn the wheel of the year this December towards the Winter Solstice, we approach the longest night of the year when the Goddess transformed as Great Mother will labor to give birth to the Sun King, the God. In this season of long nights while we honor the return of the light in many traditions, Stars in Jars chose one of our full moon essences, Hina Full Moon, as our Featured Essence. With kisses of a warm tropical breeze, we send our wishes that the promise of renewal and return of the Sun’s warmth bless you this season.

Hina Full Moon was made on an enchanted tropical evening under an August full moon on the shore of West Maui facing the island of Lana’i. As the glorious moonlight illuminated the star-filled sky and sparkled on the waters of the pacific ocean, night birds flew silently overhead, while sand crabs danced their way along the beach. A chalice with Hawaiian spring water was placed on a sand altar to gather Hina’s blessings that we now offer to you.

Hina is a Hawaiian Goddess who appears in many forms throughout Polynesia, including as the mother of the moon and stars. She is associated with the moon, the ocean, women’s Kapa making, and healing. She bestows blessings of replenishment and renewal. This essence is wonderful for honoring the Divine nature within each of us, especially in times of darkness and searching.

Available in dropper or spray. The spray formula is enhanced with essential oil of jasmine, a night blooming flower that is associated with goddesses, the moon, mysteries of the night, psychic protection, and dreaming.

"Mararu": Offerings of gratitude to Tahitian goddess Hina. Woodcut by Paul Gauguin.

"Hina Full Moon is a delightful blend of essences that delights the senses. I use the spray, used for clearing spaces, to move energy out between giving psychic readings. It is absolutely divine! No residual energy at all between clients, and I am more able to release previous energies more effectively. Subtle yet powerful!" ~ M.S., Psychic

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stars in Jars at the Real Mercantile Wed. Dec. 8th

We are very happy to have been chosen to bring our essences to The Real Mercantile this Wednesday Dec. 8th from 5-9pm. "Makers and Doers of the Finest Caliber", The Real Mercantile features unique locally produced, handmade goods and foods.

We will have a wonderful selection of essences including a couple brand new formulas and some holiday treats. Also, something new from Stars in Jars: A Goddess Spa "You Glow Girl!" bath and beauty creation "Cocoa Bliss Salt Scrub", a sensual earthly delight made of all organic and edible ingredients that is already a favorite with our friends who have tried it.

Come by and say hello, sample some of our sprays or internal formulas, or check out how heavenly Cocoa Bliss smells for yourself. This is a great chance to shop for unique holiday gifts and support local artisans.

It's a fun, free event and they will have mulled wine!

Chez Poulet Gallery
3359 Cesar Chavez near Mission Street
San Francisco
Wednesday Dec 8th, 5-9pm