Saturday, January 19, 2013

May your year be filled with Magic~

Happy 2013, Star-lettes!
I want to share a mystical experience I had during a holiday camping trip down to Baja California. I had packed along essence making tools as I usually do during travel, and on Christmas day was called to make an essence which would embody the energies of the magical place we had set up camp for a few days -- a remote cove on the Sea of Cortez known as Agua Verde. The presence of the indeginous people still palpable in the air; cave paintings lending clues to a rich and spirit-filled culture; turquoise water surrounding us as all manner of sea birds danced and fished.

We camped on a deserted beach with mountains on both sides, at the end of a two-and-half hour dirt road. I set out to make an environmental essence here with the intention of gathering the peaceful feeling of home, contentment, and safety that I had been experiencing. During the day I received messages that this essence could be helpful for letting go, relaxing into one’s core, and connecting with the peace already within. That evening as I was about to gather the essence, I was instructed to let it sit overnight: the moon was full and the stars bright, and it felt important to have the energies of the night infuse the essence. I placed it in the center of a circle of stones I had created earlier that week. 

The presence of spirits was strong in the air that night; I had that tingling feeling, almost electric and of unknowable origin. I was both alert and deeply entranced during dream time. I awoke before sunrise, and, heading for the circle of stones in the morning mist, I noticed a different quality in the air. I can’t say what exactly happened. The circle and my offerings of shell and bone remained intact, but where the bottle had rested, there was now only it’s imprint in the sand. The bottle was gone.

I didn’t question it, I was not disappointed, nor was I confused. I had the inner knowing that this was perfect. I smiled as I walked away from the circle of stones and spiral of starfish, shells and rocks. Offering a prayer of thanks for the opportunity to lend a hand in co-creating an essence with the land, its spirits, devas and elementals. It was clear that it was made for them and to be inherited by them. I share this experience as it was the ultimate teaching in letting go and a beautiful reminder that we truly are in reciprocity with nature and that the spiritual world will communicate with us, if only we open the door. I am so grateful to be part of this magic and wish you all a happy year. May you hold the mystery and energy of Agua Verde in your heart. Many blessings~Claudia

To honor all the “Aguas” that have gifted me their energies over the years, I am offering a compilation of collected waters. These waters have come from over 25 different sources far and wide, spanning from Chalice Well in England, Mt. Shasta, Yosemite, Ireland, azure lakes in Mexico, glaciers in Canada, Chile and Argentina, crystalline pools sacred to the Maori in New Zealand, Hawaiian waterfalls, and various sacred springs honored by indigenous peoples of the southwest. Sacred Waters of the World is for external use only and is complemented by a refreshing combination of essential oils. It can also be sold sans scent.  Sacred Waters of the World is  recommended for those who work with water, spirits of land, and the old ones in healing ceremony and for anyone who wishes to commune with the the energies of Yemaya and Oshun. Order Sacred Waters of the World HERE