Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Selene (Key Word~Transitions)

Selene Spray was birthed when some women in our lives needed a feminine guiding principle during times marked by major life transitions. As of late, there have been requests from our community desiring support around life passages: a “big birthday”, a pregnancy, a shift in job, relationship or living environment. We created Selene to celebrate and honor the Goddess in times of transition with love and gratitude.

Selene is the moon personified into a divine being and an aspect of the Triple Goddess. We invite you to include her in rites of passage. Selene can support the internal process that accompanies change and serve as an ally during transitions and transformation. This can include the passage into another stage of feminine grace and power, be it menarche, motherhood, or menopause. She will support you in redefining yourself when a chapter comes to an end and a new cycle begins to unfold. Selene reminds us that we all have access to the Goddess within us. May we embrace and celebrate all aspects of our divinity and honor each unique stage with gratitude.

Selene is available in 1 or 2oz spray that combines essential oils of: Rose Otto, Clary Sage, Geranium, and Vitex berry. These are considered some of the best women’s oils and useful for menopause as well.

May you delight in the energy of Summer Solstice~a wonderful time to celebrate life, with all its transitions, to the fullest!            

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