Thursday, February 16, 2012

May all be well in 2012

Our featured essence is a spray formula called All is Well. We consider it to be a master purifier and mover of stagnant energy on all levels. We wanted a multi-purpose formula that would keep us calm and clear before embarking on a potentially stressful situation that involved family and travel. So we created a brew that grounds and keeps one sane in the face of adversity and challenge. It is an essence which promotes wellness of entire being and lends soul support so that one can remain aligned with one's own truth and respond in a balanced manner. Use whenever you need to keep a calm and steady presence. This spray is an extra boost, a helping hand, and aids in maintaining one's own sense of individuality when facing situations which are charged with emotion. It has been helpful in facing family crisis or other situations where currents of "mass consciousness" prevail. It is wonderful for easing the stresses of travel as well. It contains a beautiful essential oil blend of Juniper, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Lavender and has proven to be a favorite among our customers. We love the scent~it's soothing and uplifting and promotes a sense of general well-being. Breathe into relaxation and may all be well in your world. We wish you a calm and centered new year with grace and poise as your allies in every situation.
Available in 1 or 2 oz spray.

"I use All is Well whenever I take a trip...I helps me feel like an island of calm...I can observe the airport craziness and stay centered and detached from all the frenetic energy. It's almost as though there is a protective veil around me. It really helps with jet lag too. Thank you for creating such a lovely and gentle essence." A.T., S.F.