Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Calm and Season’s Greetings

Snowmass Lake, Colorado.
'Tis the season...
"Holiday Calm" is the newest offering by Stars in Jars. This remedy is a combination of several essences intended to bring calm to any stressful situation and to help combat burnout. The perfect balm when feeling tired and wired. If you are in need of support, grounding and patience during this season, let “Holiday Calm” come to the rescue and add a little peace to your world. 

Did you know that flower essences can be a wonderful ally during the holiday season? It is a time when many of us tend to overextend ourselves; we may give too much, stretch ourselves too thin, work longer hours, fit in more social gatherings. While these may be things we choose to do willingly and lovingly, it can lead to overwhelm, irritability, and exhaustion. Flower essences can aid you in remaining calm, present, centered and balanced by working on a vibrational level to help soothe your emotions, give a clear perspective, and replenish your soul.

Available in 1 oz dropper ($13) or 2 oz spray ($17). The spray formula (for external use only) contains essence from Snowmass Lake. At 11,000 ft, it was one of the most serene places I've been. The essential oils are orange, jasmine, clary sage, coriander, helichrysum, palma rosa, vetiver and benzoin meant to clear mental and emotional fatigue. Spray the environment and create an oasis of relaxation. This week purchase internal and spray for a special of $25.

May you bask in the spirit of this wonderful time of the year~Happy Solstice to you and thank you all for your wonderful support. I invite you to connect to the spirit of this wonderful time and let go of the rest.

In light, Claudia