Thursday, September 24, 2015

Equinox Greetings!

Autumn Equinox marks the shift from Virgo to Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and partnership. From the Fire of Summer we move into the element of Water. May we be blessed with rain and move into balance here in California and other areas which have been affected by an over abundance of Fire energy this year.

Astrologically, we find ourselves between two eclipses, with the upcoming Super Full Lunar Eclipse taking place this coming Sunday Sept. 27th. Mercury is retrograde and Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. All this is to say that we may be experiencing some shifts that we could use some balance in navigating.

We offer a combination called Sacred Waters of the World. These are waters collected from sacred sites around the world over a span of 20+ years. They come from Chalice Well in England, Mt. Shasta, Yosemite, Ireland, azure lakes in Mexico, glaciers from three continents, Patagonia, Hawaiian waterfalls, crystalline pools in New Zealand, and various springs honored by indigenous peoples of the southwest. They hold the energy of the first snow fall on a mountain pass, hail storms, alpine rivers and lakes, and stalactites dripping water in caves. They have been collected in a way that honors the Spirits of the land and blessings have been offered in reciprocity.  May we work in partnership with the Earth and the Elementals to bring back balance.

Offer these sacred waters in healing ceremonies, to ley lines, in medicine wheels, in cleansing rituals, in fountains, in healing spaces, to your plants and gardens. Anoint yourself, your chakras, and bless your friends. Place a few drops in a bath, add intention and turn it into a sacred purifying ritual. Offer some to the ocean. Commune with Yemaya and Oshun. Put some in a bowl under the stars and ask for rain. Just offer. In your own way.

You may purchase Sacred Waters of the World only in a spray, as it is not for internal consumption. It can be sans scent or with. A portion of proceeds will go to helping those most impacted by the Butte fires. May we come into Balance in all ways. As above, so below.

Blessings, Claudia

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